To start us off today is a little diamond we have discovered on Soundcloud. Madeuz is a 20 year old from Sweden who makes some sick Electro beats. Below are a couple of our favorites which are as tight as your girlfriends yoga pants with music that sounds similar to Madeon. So if you are in need of some high energy Electronica with heart containers full of soul Madeuz is the man you need.






Jd-_-b or goes by the name of Jeremiah is “just a guy” coming out of Ohio who has been into the business of making music since he was 5. With the amount of experience under his belt it is clear to see this in his music. Mainly producing Dubstep it seems no genre is too hard for Jeremiah to tackle having done Trap, Chill-Step, Pop-Rock and even a Mash-up for good measure. What we do notice with all his music is a theme of peace and serenity that flows throughout it all but still contains the right amount of energy to get you out of your seat and heading to the dance floor.





Now enter the weird and experimental. Transmit Bliss could be the work of an extra dimensional alien communicating to you in the only way it can fathom. By music. Or it could be one man’s work at expressing himself through ambient music. Either way Transmit Bliss’s music, if you can call it music, is something a little out of the ordinary. How I would describe it is if you imagine sitting on top of a hill and listening, these are the sounds that you would hear of the world communicating to itself. A very unusual sound to be featured on Earsplitter but we believe all types of music should be appreciated and we are sure some of you will understand. Below are a few tracks from Transmit Bliss’s EP Orange Violet.


Transmit Bliss


Featuring one of his tracks before on Earsplitter but having been remixed by MagnaStilla is Imanti, a 17 year old producer from the golden land of Australia. With a list of original track longer than my arm who knows how Curtis has time to do anything else. With a sound that is as unique to Imanti as Madeon’s trademark sound is to him you know this will crop up in more tracks you listen to as Imanti get bigger and bigger. What is clear though is through hard work and dedication you get the chance to listen to fine works such as the ones below and being so young we can all see that Curtis has the time to make some big things happen. 



If you want your music to reach out to a larger audience send an example of your work to and you may find your own journey to Discovery.

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